FutureForward 2025
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FutureForward 2025

FutureForward 2025 is a strategic project aimed at predicting and preparing for the association model of the future. This forward-looking initiative is set to begin in early fall of 2017 with a goal of formulating bold ideas that ensure the association's relevance and indispensability for years to come.

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  • Project Timeline
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  • Chapters Involvement
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Project Overview

Got vision? CoreNet Global needs your breakthrough thinking and thought leadership to help envision the ultimate association model of the future – a model that will advance the practice of corporate real estate globally and support the future needs of its members and customers.

CoreNet Global is pleased to announce FutureForward 2025, a strategic project aimed at predicting and preparing for the association model of the future. This forward-looking initiative begins in the fall of 2017 with a goal of formulating bold ideas that ensure the association's relevance and indispensability for years to come. This highly interactive and engaging exercise will take place in virtual and in-person sessions around the world over the next several months through a series of fast-paced brainwriting sessions, exercises and facilitated discussions. We need you, our members, to get energized and engaged in creating a shared vision of your association.

The project and its methodologies will be modeled after the Corporate Real Estate 2010 and 2020 projects conducted previously by CoreNet Global. This time, however, the association itself will be the central focus around which four workstreams will convene:

  1. The Future of Belonging
  2. The Future of Learning
  3. The Future of Convening
  4. The Future of Information & Content

Each group will be comprised of a diverse cross-section of young leaders, mid-career professionals and seasoned members from around the world. A high level of member and stakeholder input is needed, and therefore, participation will be solicited globally through both in-person and virtual forums and through chapters. This iterative exercise is set to occur over a period of 12+ months with information being compiled and synthesized at multiple points along the way.

Leading business and association experts and their insights will also be sought to challenge perceptions, broaden perspectives and encourage breakthrough thinking within each group. Guided by futurists' theories and presentations, environmental scans, research materials, membership data and their own insights and experiences, the facilitated teams will be charged with envisioning CoreNet Global in the year 2025 and forecasting the future needs of those who engage – or should engage – in the association.

The primary focus will be on where the organization should be heading and what it will look like in 2025, not on how it will get there. Each workstream group will be asked to do this while taking into account big picture trends as well as the future of the CRE profession and the future of work. With an intention of energizing the CoreNet Global community and stimulating a high level of engagement and momentum in a shared future, this project – and its final reports – will help inspire and inform strategic planning of the CoreNet Global Board of Directors.

Project Timeline

Phase I: June – September 2017 (Initiation & Development)

  • Define and develop project plan

Phase II: September – January 2018 (Development & Launch)

  • Open "Call for Volunteers"
  • Conduct webinar series launching project
  • Convene members at Global Summits in EMEA and North America for preliminary launch meetings
  • Confirm teams for each work stream
  • Provide toolkit to chapters for local participation

Phase III: January 2018 – June 2018 (Execution)

  • Convene workstream groups (virtually and in person)
  • Convene members at Global Summit in Asia
  • Compile and communicate preliminary findings to CoreNet Global Board of Directors

Phase IV: June – August 2018 (Reporting)

  • Synthesize information from various meetings within each workstream
  • Develop, write and produce reports for each workstream and one overarching report highlighting key findings, predictions and recommendations

Phase V: September – October 2018 (Communication & Analysis)

  • Disseminate reports to membership; communicate results at fall Global Summits
  • Recognize volunteers
  • Analyze information; use reports as guide for FY20 Strategic Planning Process

Get Involved


We are aiming to create diverse and balanced teams that have a mix of geography, industry and role. Since there are limited slots on each team, we request that you let us know which group you would like to join by ranking them in your order of preference.

Visit FutureForward 2025 Volunteer Application Form to join.

Application deadline is November 30, 2017.

There are multiple ways in which you can participate:

  1. The core group for each workstream will meet in-person once, and also virtually over a period of months. Tentative dates and locations for in-person meetings can be found below:
    • January – Northern California, USA
    • February – London, UK
    • March – Singapore, Singapore
    • April – Chicago, USA
    • May – New York City, USA
  2. You can also give your input via virtual meetings.
  3. Finally, some chapters will participate on the local level, and members will have the opportunity to engage through their chapter. Local chapters will be asked to organize their own events in 2018, based on a toolkit to be provided by CoreNet Global

The scope for each workstream is given below.

Workstream 1: Future of Belonging

This team will envision CoreNet Global's membership model and composition in 2025 and define the ultimate member value proposition.

  • Member & Customer Experience
  • Member Composition – Gender, Geography, Career Level, Profession
  • Membership Models
  • Benefit Options
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Chapters
  • Community, Recognition & Engagement
  • Brand
  • Culture

Workstream 2: Future of Learning

This team will forecast the ideal training and professional development model and predict member and customer needs in 2025.

  • Learning Experience
  • Knowledge & Skills Requirements
  • Development & Curation Methodologies
  • Delivery Methodologies
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Technology
  • Chapters

Workstream 3: Future of Convening

This team will predict how members and customers will want to convene in 2025 – and for what purpose.

  • Networking
  • Content
  • Geography
  • Stakeholder Experience
  • Technology
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Audience
  • Sponsorship
  • Chapters

Workstream 4: Future of Information & Content

This team will explore the types of information and content members and customers will demand in 2025 – and how it should be delivered.

  • Member & Customer Experience
  • Audience
  • Format & Medium
  • Development & Curation Methodologies
  • Delivery Methodologies
  • Technology
  • Challenges & Opportunities
  • Chapters

Chapters Involvement

A key aim for CoreNet Global is to engage its members via multiple channels and on multiple levels. We encourage each local chapter to meet, discuss, and help us predict the optimal association model of the future. Similarly, we want to hear the voices of our Young Leader members.

A chapter toolkit will be provided to chapters by December to ensure a consistent input model globally. Chapters will be asked to convene locally between January-May 2018, using the required toolkit.

In order to make it easy for you to provide your input and share Chapter findings with us, we've set up an online submission system where you can upload your material: notes, observations, photos, videos, and more. The deadline for submitting your input is May 31, 2018. We hope you will take this opportunity to meet amongst yourselves and share your insights with us.


This is a big project, encompassing multiple issues and multiple levels of engagement. While we are a corporate real estate (CRE) association, and we cater to CRE professionals, how we work, and what will impact CRE in the future is changing and evolving. This will influence what all of you, our members, will want from us. These resources will help to get you thinking about all that will affect the way we work and live our lives. Here you will find content that speaks to the changing nature of work, automation, global trends, artificial intelligence, geopolitics, technology, and new ways of learning, gathering, and meeting. We hope that this will help to spark ideas that you can share with us, via your teams and chapters.

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